Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fresh Meat

Can we say, Best Night Ever? Yes I think we can.

SVA's student mini-comic convention went off without a hitch despite humidity, thunderstorms, and a photocopier out of toner. Set up and breakdown went smoothly and despite an embarrassingly sloppy cropping job, I got rid of all the comics I was selling. Me and Kasey and Ashley rocked those tables. Ladies Night! Tons of people showed up (thanks to our much more thorough aggressive advertising this year), including a bunch of my teachers, former and current, plus a surprise visit from Scott McCloud, who apparently is doing a seminar or something on comics this weekend and told everyone to come to Fresh Meat! Waoh it was awesome.

I had two comics at my table: one was Alligator Day, a three-pager I worked on last semester, and the second was part one of Flamingo Island, the major backbone comic of my senior portfolio. I plan to have the second part available for MoCCA 2009, and I will probably have a few more copies of Alligator Day in there as well.

I'm so happy with both covers!

Up next: Cartooning/Illustration Open Studios, Senior Portfolio Review Day, Hanni's Pasta Party, and Graduation.

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  1. Hanniiiii!! :D how nice to find you on blogger. we shall totally be blogfriends now and will definitely be in touch.

    I'm sorry I didn't show up at Fresh Meat even though I had wanted to -- got caught in the rain that day and it made me forget everything else and play video games for like five hours. sigh. anyhow glad you had a great show and a nice turnout! do you still have copies of the comics you did I could take a gander at? I saw your Chaplin thesis and it made me happy. xD