Thursday, June 4, 2009

MoCCA Latte

MoCCA! It's coming! It's a mere two days away!

I will be rocking it up with Jon and Kasey at table 619, which is in one of the southmost aisles towards the back but not against a wall. It's going to be very very fun and I'm just dancing with excitement! If you're interested in going, it's only $10 a day and $15 for the weekend, and you can find directions and more info at the MoCCA website. It's worth it!

I will definitely have Alligator Day and Flamingo Island part 1, but part 2 is in a bit of a pickle right now. Two of the original pages were taken for scanning to be part of the SVA senior cartooning magazine, and I forgot to scan one of them beforehand. The school says they won't get them back until next week, and though I'm working to get them back in time for scanning, chances are high that I won't have Part 2 ready for MoCCA. I'm feeling pretty awful about that since I pretty much promised that it would be there, but if anything, I will absolutely have it for SPX this October. I'll probably put the pages up here and on my deviantart to make up for it.

This is will be my buisness card holder. He maybe look familiar