Sunday, July 12, 2009

Some doodles

Oh man where have I been. All these rainy day put me all kinds of under the weather and I've been feeling withdrawl the more I realize this is the first time in sixteen years I won't be going to back to school in September. It's weird! I'm looking for jobs and drawing in the meantime, and I just bought my very first drafting table set, complete with chair and lamp, which has just been completed and is ready to be drawn upon. Exciting!

Still trying to get into the habit of updating regularly! Before this place gets too stagnant, let's get some art all up in here.

First, some fan art. This is a guest comic I did for my friend Jon's comic, Beyond the Canopy. Mine will probably make more sense if you read his comic first, but you shouldn't be upset because it's super cool.

More fanart for my friend Kasey and her webcomic Winters in Lavelle. You should read it too because you will not lose.

I was an editor on the SVA cartooning magazine this past year, which was a load of fun. These are two out of three of my editorial avatars from this school year's issues of Inkstains. Each one follows the theme of each issue - this year's themes were Food, Pirates! and the Great Outdoors. I remember drawing the pirate one while waiting for my sister to try on dresses at the Gap.

- "Salty Sea Lass"
- "Nature Princess"

Finally, my business card.

The rabbit and the turtle are characters I plan on putting into a webcomic, which I am in the process of writing. I am especially proud of how much the turtle looks like an avocado.

Next post I think I'll start putting up the pages from the first installment of Flamingo Island. Oh yeah, I did get book two done in time for MoCCA! I kind of cheated on the cover though, so I'm making a new one which all future copies will be bound in. It was quite the adventure, getting that book done in time.

Okay! :)

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